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 Virtual Servers
Virtual Servers
A 'normal' server consists of two primary parts, namely, the physical hardware and the operating system software. Any additional software is then added to gain functionality not provided by the operating system itself. The problem with this approach is that the operating system, and the software, is then dependant on that hardware. When the hardware fails, so does the server and software. By virtualizing the server, this link between hardware and software is broken.

This section is in progress, but you can find the benefits of virtualization listed below.

   Application Stability

Applications are much more reliable when isolated from other applications.

   Application Versioning

Multiple Versions of the same application and data can be kept indefinitely.

   Application Testing

New applications, or new versions of current applications can be tested before deployment.

   Application Portability

Applications can be moved between computers if one computer fails or requires maintenance.

   Multi Computer Access

An application can be shared so anyone can use it even if it isn't installed on their computer.

   Multi User Access

An application can be accessed by multiple users at the same time.

   Single Instance Maintenance

When an application needs patching or upgrading, this only needs to be done on one computer.

   Remote Access

Applications can be made available to remote workers if required.

   Simplified Backup & Restore

Applications, their settings, and their data can all be backed up.

   Application & Server Maintainence Simplification

Applications are completely self contained.

   Simplified Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Entire networks can be restored in hours in the event of a Fire or Flood.

   Server Consolidation

Multiple physical servers can be virtualised and consolidated into one.

   Reduced Hardware Costs

Fewer servers means less hardware to buy and less hardware to go wrong.

   Reduced Power Consumption

Reducing the number of physical servers also reduces power consumption and costs.

   Run Legacy Applications

Run older applications without the usual security and stability risks.
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