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 DrayTek 2710VDn
DrayTek 2710VDn
DrayTek has recently released the Vigor 2710VDn, an ADSL router which has all the features of the Vigor 2710Vn, with the addition of a fully-integrated DECT base. A DECT phone is a cordless phone that you typically use around your home. The Vigor2710VDn is 'GAP Compliant' meaning you can use any DECT phone which is also GAP compliant with it; most are.

You can use DECT phones that you already own or new ones, but either way, instead of connecting to their original bases, they will instead register and communicate with your Vigor2710VDn. You will still need the original phone 'base stations' to charge the phones. Once the phones are 'paired' with the Vigor 2710VDn, they will still be able to use your analogue line, but they will also be able to make full use of a VoIP service.

The Vigor 2710VDn also acts as a mini PBX (switchboard) so that you can call between handsets by dialling their extension number or transfer calls between them. The phones can make 4 calls at the same time, using any combination of your analogue or VoIP/SIP lines. Most regular DECT systems do not allow the operation of multiple handsets at the same time. This makes them ideal for any Small Business' (max 6 phones) who want an easy to setup, simple and low cost telephone system.
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