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 Redo Backup
Redo Backup
We're always looking for new ways to save our clients money. One of the best ways to do this is by seeking out free alternatives to commercial software that either we or our clients use, and whose quality is high enough that we can actually recommend it. This has proved difficult when looking for a good disk imaging solution which could provide a credible alternative to commercial rivals such as Acronis True Image, but finally we have found one... Redo Backup.

Redo Backup has just been released, and is the first free disk imaging solution we've come across that fulfils the primary requirements of such software; ease of use and reliability. Crucially, it is also free for commercial use. It is distributed as a bootable ISO image, and can either be written to CD using any CD burning software (we recommend ImgBurn) or, alternatively, integrated on to a USB stick using the YUMI Multiboot USB Creator.

Combining Redo Backup with the YUMI Multiboot Creator is a pretty neat disk imaging solution, but when installed in a server with an internal USB port and Out of Band Management such as Hewlett Packard's Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), it provides an unbelievably cost effective and highly reliable System Backup and part Disaster Recovery solution which can even be administered remotely.

Out of Band Management is one of the many features our servers and high end workstations now come with as standard. This distinguishes us from our competitors who usually omit such features, possibly because it can only lead to fewer call out charges. Our priority however has always been to provide our clients with a reliable network at an affordable price, and Redo Backup is helping us to deliver just that.

2012-06-01 Update : Redo Backup does not currently backup and restore individual partitions (just whole disks), so if you require this feature, you may need to look elsewhere, or move the operating system onto its own drive.
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