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 Stardom SR2-SB3
Stardom SR2-SB3
The Stardom SR2-SB2 is a simple yet well built, RAID1 (mirror) enclosure. It has both USB 3.0 and eSATA connections which makes it considerably faster than both USB 2.0 or NAS based alternatives. Unusually for these types of devices, we're also happy to see that only a standard IEC C13 Cable (a kettle lead) is required for power, complimenting the units simple design.

The simplicity of a directly attached RAID1 device is that a failure of the unit itself does not result in data loss, since either of the discs can be removed and transplanted directly into any computer. This is in contrast to how most other systems operate which, in order to provide such protection, require you to purchase an additional unit.

We often use this enclosure to store daily and monthly backups, then Deduplicate all the files using Finddupe. While this protects against two of the most common causes of data loss (disk failure and accidental deletion) it does not protect against other threats such as a fire, theft, sabotage, virus or silent data corruption. Protection from fire, theft and sabotage can easily be achieved by purchasing additional units and taking them off-site. Protection from viruses and silent data corruption requires a more sophisticated solution which uses a self healing filing system such as ZFS. Examples include FreeNAS and NexentaStor.
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