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 Windows 8 Update
Windows 8 Update
While we don't usually report on anything until after it's been both released and tested, we thought we'd make an exception for Windows 8, largely because we haven't seen anything worth reporting on coming from Microsoft since Windows XP. While Windows 7 is arguably better than Windows XP, we still couldn't find the return on investment that Businesses require to justify upgrading all their PCs. Unless the network is unmanaged, this also means 'downgrading' any new PCs to Windows XP too (the reasons for this are beyond the scope of this article).

We have still yet to see anything compelling in Windows 8 that would drive Small Businesses to upgrade. What we have seen however, are huge improvements specifically targeted towards Tablet PCs. What Microsoft is currently calling "Metro" is, undoubtedly, the biggest change to the Windows user interface since Windows 95, and will finally make Windows on a Tablet PC viable.

For those who use their computer at a desk, Metro won't play such a large role, but it will still feature quite heavily, replacing many of the Start Menu's capabilities, and providing new ways to navigate and control the PC. To what extent, or more importantly how well, Microsoft will overlap and integrate Metro into the Windows Shell, remains to be seen.

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