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GNOME 3 Released
Firefox 4 Released
Dropbox File Sync
3 Goes Unlimited
OCZ RevoDrive x2
San Francisco
DrayTek AP-800
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 Firefox 4 Released
After a total of 2 Release Candidates and 13 Betas, Firefox 4.0 has finally been released. In the rush to 'keep up', the practise of releasing software early, at the expensive of stability, has become...

Firefox 4 Released
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 Dropbox File Sync
With an increasing number of people owning more than one computer, the issue of keeping all your files synchronized on all your devices has become increasing difficult. A quick internet search soon re...

Dropbox File Sync
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 3 Goes Unlimited
Three has taken the unusual step of completely removing it's 'fair usage' cap for mobile data on it's popular 'One Plan'. This is in contrast to all other operators who limit so called 'unlimited' tar...

3 Goes Unlimited
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 OCZ RevoDrive x2
Back in June we wrote about the current state of Solid State Drives and how we weren't yet ready to give them our full endorsement. Today however, things are starting to look much better. With the ann...

OCZ RevoDrive x2
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 San Francisco
The Orange San Francisco is a Budget Android Smartphone with a difference; despite it's price, it's actually remarkably capable. Available from Orange for only £100 on PAYG, we're guessing that ...

San Francisco
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 DrayTek AP-800
The DrayTek AP-800 Wireless Access Point makes the perfect 'extension' to your wireless network. While extending your network, the AP-800 can simultaneously provide network access via it's wired ports...

DrayTek AP-800
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 DrayTek 2710VDn
DrayTek has recently released the Vigor 2710VDn, an ADSL router which has all the features of the Vigor 2710Vn, with the addition of a fully-integrated DECT base. A DECT phone is a cordless phone that...

DrayTek 2710VDn
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 Solid State Drives
Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been getting a lot of attention recently, but not from us. Why? Well, the truth is, SSDs just aren't ready for general purpose use, and they're certainly not ready for u...

Solid State Drives
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